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Bem-vindo ao blog de Pariscityvision, o especialista em visitas turísticas em Paris e na França. Temos o prazer de compartilhar com vocês o nossos conselhos e dicas !

Notre Dame de Paris: restoration after the fire?

Posted on April 17, 2019 by Hailey (No Comment)

A terrible fire just consumed Notre-Dame-de-Paris, one of the most prestigious historical monuments in the world and symbol of the French heritage. Let’s go back again onto what tragically happened that night and let’s hope together to see intact the Towers and Spire rise in the Parisian sky again. Notre Dame cathedral, an exceptional medieval monument The emotion after the fire is still tremendous all around the globe. The historical, architectural and symbolic value of Notre Dame is unique, and this terrible night marked the loss of an irreplaceable legacy.   The cathedral is one of the most successful examples of […]

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Instagram accounts to follow that will have you fall in love with Paris

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Hailey (No Comment)

Do you love Paris? Are you Parisian and wish to (re)discover your city through a new lens? Do you live elsewhere in the country or abroad and wish to feed your love for the City of Light from a distance? Or maybe you would like to find inspiration for your next Paris photoshoot tour? Discover the best Instagram accounts dedicated to Paris! Chantal Langart: a country-style view of Paris This artist, a fan of Paris and of coffee, is able to capture natural life and the season in an urban space like Paris. Her photos are full of poetry.

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