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Posted on May 14, 2014 by Hailey

Our editorial team are always on the lookout for all the up-to-date information on culture in and around Paris. They bring passion and enthusiasm to the blog by working hard on it day after day.

French-speaking editors


Parisian born and bred, Nicolas has two main passions in life: Paris and the Internet. He started off working on just the technical aspects of the website, but then we found out that he had a third passion: writing! Since then, he has been splitting his time between blogging and web developing for Paris City Vision. A number of the articles for the French section of the blog have been translated or edited by Nicolas. And what about the other articles? Well, that’s where Maëlys comes in!


Maëlys is passionate about marketing, especially e-marketing. She has excellent communication skills, but keeps a low profile in her day-to-day life. In the afternoons she loves to wander around Paris’s writers cafés, where she flies through books at a rate of knots or discusses the most recent Goncourt prizewinner. So it came as no surprise that she volunteered to contribute to the Paris City Vision blog, despite already having a very busy schedule!

English-speaking editors


Charming, energetic and a bit of a fashionista – that’s Hailey in a nutshell. Born in New York’s peaceful Upper West Side, Hailey was fascinated by Europe from a very young age. She decided to postpone studying for a degree in journalism from City University London so that she could finally move to Paris. Hailey is responsible for the English section of the blog, and has edited and translated several texts for it.


Andreas grew up in the City of Light, and, with an English father and a German mother, is the absolute embodiment of the “”cool city dweller””. He spends most of his time in a world of record labels and independent clothing stores – a world in which more than a few of his friends work professionally, but that he likes to keep “”just as a hobby””. With three native languages, Andreas did a masters in applied foreign languages before becoming a freelance translator/editor. We’re extremely happy to have him on board!

Spanish-speaking editors


Guillem joined the Paris City Vision team owing to his knowledge of travel marketing, a subject he studied here in Paris where he has lived with his parents since he was just a little whipper-snapper. While he loves his home town, Barcelona, Guillem took to Paris like a duck to water (and I know that nothing in the world could get him to leave!). Since we needed a native Spanish speaker to look after the Spanish section of the blog, it was only natural that Guillem should step in as the perfect candidate for the job.


Joan deals with the whole Spanish and Brazilian section of the blog (helped, from time to time, by Abella and Adrian of course). Joan is responsible for keeping the product descriptions up to date and for the marketing and communication side of things. Since the blog went live, he has also been involved in translating and writing articles for the Spanish section of the blog.

Portuguese-speaking editors


Abella is a 22-year-old student. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in communication studies and met Guillem when she was still doing her bachelor’s degree. When we were looking for a new team member who could write and speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently, Guillem said he knew just the person. And he was right! So, in between juggling lectures and student nights out, Abella contributes to the Brazilian section of the blog. A future master in organisation and time management perhaps?


Although Adrian was born in Brazil, he didn’t grow up under the South American sun. No, instead he was raised on the Mediterranean coast – Marseilles to be precise. He came to Paris purely by chance on the back of an internship and, quite literally, fell in love. He left Paris for a while to work as a product manager for a (Brazilian) swimwear company, but we have Maëlys to thank that Adrian is now with us. We hope that he, his fun personality and his excellent writing skills will be with us for a long time to come!

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