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2014 Paris Cinema Festival

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Hailey in

Paris Cinema Festival

Did you miss the Cannes Film Festival? Don’t panic, we have an almost identical event for you!

From 5 to 12 July 2014, Paris will play host to the Paris Cinema Festival for the 12th year running! Every evening, two or more films will be previewed at the Gaumont Opéra Capucines (9th arrondissement) and the Louxor-Palais du Cinéma (10th arrondissement). This is the chance to see films that may be shown at the next Cannes Film Festival, alongside lesser-known films that deserve a share of the spotlight!

But that is not all! In the Marais, the Nouveau Latina cinema (4th arrondissement) will host the Paris CinéClassics selection, giving filmgoers the opportunity to rediscover international film heritage through new or restored copies! There will be evenings specially dedicated to renowned directors!

Come and “listen” to a film in the wonderful Berges de Seine area beneath the Musée d’Orsay, with never-seen-before showings combining film and music. Entry is free and visitors can enjoy a variety of small-scale film-concerts, cine-mix gatherings and crowd film-karaoke!

And there’ s more still! Because this year, France is back! The boycott of French cinema is over this year as we delight in unique, culturally-driven previews. Discover previously-unseen films paying homage to big names, debates and encounters, a selection of “Paris through the eyes of…”, and events giving carte blanche to foreign film stars who call Paris home…

Boost your film knowledge at the Paris Cinema Festival!

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