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Paris 2019 Agenda: 15 unavoidable events

Posted on January 10, 2019 by Hailey in

Paris is a must-see touristic destination in France and in Europe. If tourists come from all over the world to discover monuments, touristic districts and museums, the busy cultural, sports and events agenda can also justify a discovery of the City of Lights. Discover the 2019 calendar of the must-see events in Paris: exhibitions, trade fairs, sporting events…

Must-see exhibitions in Paris in 2019

Many exhibitions will delight art and culture lovers travelling in Paris during 2019. Among the dozens of exhibitions organized, we have selected five must-see events.

The Buddhas of Nara

The Guimet museum offers you a unique opportunity to discover the interior of the Japanese temples of Nara. Immerse yourself in the Nara’s Buddhist culture, which was the Japanese capital in the 8th century AD. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is the occasion to admire for the 1st time outside Japan invaluable statues. The highlight of the show? A statue of Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha, guardian of the dead children.

Location: Guimet Museum – National Museum of Asian Arts

Dates :  From January 23rd to March 18th 2019

The Vasarely retrospective

A master in the art of optical illusion, Victor Vasarely is an essential artist of the 20th century. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit its foundation, located in Aix-en-Provence, you can discover more than 300 artworks that will immerse you in the particular universe of this exceptional Hungarian artist.

Location: Centre Georges Pompidou

Dates :  From February 6th to May 6th 2019


The Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian art, out of control, knows how to be radical. The gods wear two heads, the mourning dresses are pearl-shell shaped, the totem poles evoke the symbolic and virile power of the phallus. This exhibition, which had a huge triumph at the Royal Academy in London, is now being held in Paris. Discover the island cultures of Oceania, from New Zealand to Australia, from Hawaii to Pitcairn, not to mention the Polynesian archipelagos. The exhibition concludes with Lisa Reihana’s video entitled In Pursuit of Venus [Infected].

Location: Quai Branly Museum

Dates : From March 12th to July 7th of 2019

Tutankhamun, the Pharaoh’s treasure

A hundred years ago, Howard Carter was discovering the Tutankhamun pharaoh’s grave and exhumed some fabulous treasures. Some 150 artworks from this discovery are presented in Paris in 2019. This exhibition is exceptional: the Egyptian authorities have declared that it was the last time that these priceless treasures were leaving Egypt. You will be able to admire gold jewelry, sculptures, religious objects…

Location: : Grande Halle de la Villette

Dates : From March 23rd to September 15th of 2019




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Funeral Mask of Tutankhamun

Picasso and the war

Must-see artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso was deeply affected by the horrors of the Spanish civil war. This exceptional exhibition allows to discover the genius from a new angle. It challenges issues as hard as war and its motivations, peace and the symbols that have marked the work of the artist. Take another look at History with Pablo Picasso.

Location : Army Museum of Paris

Dates : From April 5th to July 28th 2019

Other main exhibitions in Paris in 2019

This selection leads us to make some choices. Other equally important exhibitions awaits you in Paris in 2019. Here are some of them :

  • Julien Creuzet : Palais de Tokyo, from February 20th to May 12th
  • The Courtauld collection : Louis Vuitton Foundation, from February 20th to June 17th 2019
  • Dora Maar : Centre Pompidou, from June 5th to July 29th 2019
  • Leonardo da Vinci : Louvre Museum, from October 24th 2019 to February 24th 2020

Sport events

Sport is also at the heart of the agenda of Paris, Olympic city in 2024. Among the sporting events in Paris, discover five must-attend events.

Le Grand Prix d’Amérique

Horse races are part of our culture and France hosts some of the most prestigious events. Beyond the competition, the Grand Prix d’Amérique is a social event with a special atmosphere between spree, conviviality and aristocratic restraint. Since 1920, the Grand Prix d’Amérique hosts the 18 best competitors on a race long of 2 700 meters.

Location : Vincennes race course of Paris

Date : January 27th 2019

Note: Fans of horse racing can also follow the Qatar, Arc de Triomphe price, which will run from October 5th and 6th at the racecourse of Longchamp.

The Paris Marathon

Each year, more than 55 000 participants take part in one of the world’s most popular marathons. The Schneider Electric Marathon of Paris allows you to travel the city over 42.195 km, with a privileged view on the most beautiful points of view and the most prestigious monuments. Whether you are a participant, or just a spectactor, the Paris Marathon is a must-attend sporting event.

Location : Paris

Date : April 14th 2019

The Roland Garros tournament

The French Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world and belongs to the very closed Grand Slam category. The greatest tennis players compete on clay for the greatest pleasure of the public. If you are staying in Paris at the turn of the month of May and June, reserve your place to live an extraordinary experience.

Location : Roland-Garros stadium, Paris

Dates :From May 26th to June 9th 2019



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In action at the 2018 Roland Garros Tournament

The Women’s Soccer World Cup

The French soccer team has thrilled everyone in 2018. What if the women’s team renewed it? Through June and until July 7th, Paris hosts with eight others French cities the women’s soccer world cup. Enjoy your stay in Paris to attend an international sport competition that puts women and football in the spotlight!

Location :Jean Bouin stadium, Paris

Dates : From June 7th until July 7th

The arrival of the Tour de France

Fans of cycling wouldn’t miss for anything the Tour de France, one of the most famous and difficult cycling competitions in the world. As every year, the arrival is on the Champs-Elysées. Take advantage of your stay in Paris to attend the final stage of the “Great Loop”, which will start from Rambouillet and end on the most beautiful avenue in the world.

Location : Champs-Elysées, Paris

Dates :July 28th ,2019

Fairs and Exhibitions

Fairs and Exhibitions are organized all year long. Discover the unavoidable events in Paris in 2019 and note the dates in your agenda to prepare your stay!

Agricultur show

Every year, Paris becomes for fifteen days the biggest French farm. Hundreds of farmers come to meet Parisians and visitors to present their production and introduce them to the treasures of the soil. If children will appreciate the contact with animals, the older ones will taste many local specialties. The agriculture show will be part of your must-do in Paris in 2019.

Location : Paris – Porte de Versailles

Dates : From February 23rd to March 3rd

Paris Book

Literature lovers wouldn’t miss for anything the annual meeting of the publishing world: the Paris Book Fair. Many exhibitors, writers and some events punctuate this unique show. We particularly recommend it to French-speaking amateurs: books, mangas, comics and other works presented are essentially written in the language of Moliere.

Location : Paris – Porte de Versailles

Dates : From March 15th to 18th of 2019

Paris Fair

Baroque and cosmopolitan, the Paris Fair is the meeting of the hawkers, inventors and traders from around the world. People come from France and elsewhere to discover the latest innovations, to taste the best local products, to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere where the exhibitors challenge you, where exuberance is useful. At the option of the alleys, you will find the useful as much as the superfluous. An appointment to live at least once in your life!

Lieu : Paris – Porte de Versailles

Dates : From April 27th to May 8th

Japan Expo Paris

Mangas and Japanese culture lovers have made it an unmissable meeting. If you have a curious look and an open-state of mind, you will appreciate the immersion in a shifted world. At Japan Expo Paris, the show is not limited to stands and scenes: it’s also in the aisles, visited by many cosplay fans and dressed-up as their favorite characters.

Location : Paris – Porte de Versailles

Dates : From July 4th to 7th 2019



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A couple of cosplayers at Japan Expo 2018

2019 Paris World Motor Show

Thousands of car enthusiasts flock here to discover the latest products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The Mondial de l’auto is one of the essential events for an entire sector, but also for many private individuals, simple curious or potential buyers. If the date has not been confirmed yet, the previous edition ran between October the 4th and 14th of 2018.

Location : Paris – Porte de Versailles

Dates : October 2019 (to be confirmed)


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