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75th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the battle of Normandy in 2019!

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In the early morning of June 6th, 1944, an unprecedented watershed that marked history evermore took place on the beaches codenamed Omaha, Utah and Juno Beach, which cover the wide area of the Norman coastline. Indeed, at least 130 000 allies landed in Normandy on that day, symbolizing the beginning of the Liberation of Europe that had been under German occupation until then. Americans, Canadians, as well as British soldiers and even the 177 French soldiers of the Kieffer commando were called to fight against the invaders.

Next June 6th will be the opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, in memory of the men who fell during one of the biggest wars in history.

June 6th, 1944-2019: commemoration with heroes, who are not eternal

Although the commemoration of the D-Day landings had been a military event for a very long time, it was around the 1980’s, that this day became a moment of contemplation for everyone, as well as a symbol of friendship between the reconciled nations.

In France and in other countries, the “D-day” is the subject of TV programs and tributes from famous politicians and personalities, on each anniversary date. On that day, the heroes, some of whom are still alive, tell us about this bloody day and take us back in time. As the years go by, we will soon no longer be able to listen to our veterans sharing their war memories. Thus, this June 6th, 2019 commemoration will be an opportunity to take advantage, before it is too late, of the living memory of those heroes who fought for the Liberation of France and Europe.

A bunker in Normandy

2019 D-Day, a duty of remembrance

Many events are planned for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in order to pay tribute to the men who fell during this bloody battle. An international commemorative ceremony with many heads of state will be covered by the media and broadcasted live in the whole world. In Normandy, a true brotherhood moment is expected just like every year, but even more intense and dignified this time. Fireworks, reenactment, giant picnic on the Norman beaches, that’s a busy schedule! The program starts on May 25th, 2019 and plans an International Walk for Peace departing from Utah Beach. Then, from June 1st to June 9th, a reenactment of the Geronimo camp will be organized for a representation of the American troops present in Normandy in 1944. Many activities are expected throughout the week, such as, for example, the presentation of the paratroopers’ equipment. Then, you will be able to see many exhibitions of vintage military vehicles, a military fair, conferences and lively demonstrations. On June 6th, D-Day, a ceremony will take place on Utah beach early in the morning, followed by a concert in the afternoon. A huge fireworks display will be let off on the famous Normandy beaches and will close this intense day of commemorations. Activities and events around this historic date will keep going in the region until Sunday, June 16th.

In addition, the D-Day landing committee planned on making a strong impact this year in order to pay a special tribute to the figures of the 2nd World War. Indeed, along the 80 kilometers of beaches, photographs of veterans, resistant fighters and soldiers will be exhibited on huge panels. You will be able to see the photos on the Normandy beaches until next September. A great way to thank our heroes who fought for freedom.

Remembrance tourism in Normandy

People like Normandy a lot for its endless beaches, its very popular seaside resorts in summer, its wooded countryside, authentic villages and its terroir… But you can also visit it for its more recent historical heritage! Many tourist sites allow to perpetuate the duty of remembrance and to show to the new generations the horrors of war, monstrosities as well as the acts of bravery that it engendered. Here are a few major sites to see:

Museums and memorial sites

The D-Day landings beaches

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