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Discover Paris in augmented reality!

Posted on February 4, 2020 by Hailey in

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the Louvre museum during the French Kings time? Would you like to enter the backstage of the Opera Garnier House or take part in the Trocadero Palace construction site? The most hidden secrets will be revealed by Paris City Vision thanks to interactive features of a world-revolutionary augmented visit!

A city tour in augmented reality

The visit to Paris in a panoramic coach is a must-do to appreciate the City of Lights treasures. Various routes allow discovering the exterior of the most beautiful landmarks and famous monuments optimizing your time. Thanks to an audio guide, each passenger can take advantage of commentaries in the language of your choice.

The Paris city tour with Paris City Vision HistoPad changes the concept of the city tour, making it penetrate in the augmented reality period. 

A tablet, geolocalized in real-time by GPS, offers unique content about more than 35 sites and Parisian sites. Turn, for example, your tablet toward the Invalides or the Eiffel Tower to discover these iconic monuments under different angles. 3D historical reconstructions, interior and exterior 360° views, videos, or archive pictures and interactive objects will allow you to discover all its secrets. All the virtual draws and all the information are interactive and handle indefinitely for an immersive and unique experience. Thanks to the intuitive interface, all the generations can adopt the HistoPad tablet immediately!

35 Touristic sites and monuments to (re)discover

From your seat, you will admire the façades of the Opera House, comfortably settled in one of our panoramic buses. At the same time, you listen to the commentaries emphasizing the splendor of the room, the wealth of the interior decoration, and Marc Chagall painting mural on the
Opéra Garnier ceiling. The HistoPad will offer you a real immersion into the backstage of this remarkable monument with many images, videos, and interactive draws.

The French Institute, the Louvre museum, the Invalides… 35 Parisian touristic sites are integrated and modeled. Deep work has been made by Paris City Vision with Histovery as a partner to suggest a new experience offering to all our customers the discovery of Paris and the possibility to enter the intimacy of the iconic places and monuments. The information and the historical reconstitutions are collected and produced respectfully to the current scientific knowledge.

The City Tour in augmented reality

Visit Paris differently thanks to the virtual reality

Paris City Vision offers you the best new technologies to make you discover the most touristic in the world city differently

Book now your Interactive Paris city tour and discover the secrets of 35 touristic monuments and sites with the HistoPad

Would you like another immersive experience to see Paris? Fly over Paris in virtual reality with FlyView: admire the most beautiful monuments of Paris with a 360° panorama in total security, comfortably settled in a jetpack. Book your combo tour of these two innovative and out of ordinary activities. Have a pleasant visit!

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