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Go on a Pokemon chase in Paris!

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Hailey in
skyline of Paris with eiffel tower

Pokemon have landed in Paris!

Why not make use of your vacation to hunt for Pokemon in the very heart of Paris? Pikachu and friends are waiting for you in the most prestigious places in the city of light. A chance to see the main tourist attractions of Paris while you fill up your Pokedex with numerous finds.

What exactly is Pokemon Go?

Let’s summarize it in a nutshell for those who’ve missed out on the video-gaming phenomenon of the past few weeks. Pokemon Go is a game based on the concept of augmented reality, which means adding a virtual layer to the real world.

Once you’ve installed the application from App Store or Play Store, you can start hunting for Pokemon. These virtual creatures appear on the image filmed by the camera on your smartphone or tablet: all you need to do is try and capture them so that you can train them and battle against other trainers.

The game encourages you to physically travel long distances to find the best spots and capture the rarest, most sought-after species, and many of them are hiding in Paris!

Have Paris parks become Pokemon hideouts?

Public parks in Paris offer particularly favorable conditions where these imaginary little creatures can thrive. Chances are you’ll find a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pidgey or even an Igglybuff lurking at the turn of an alley or behind a bush! Here is a selection of the best parks and gardens in Paris to hunt for Pokemon.

On Thursday, July 14th the Luxembourg garden was the scene of a giant Pokemon chase that drew hundreds of players. A whole colony of Lickitung have apparently moved in there. But keep it to yourself, it’s a secret!

The Tuileries garden is another favorite spot for Parisian Pokemon hunters. According to well-informed sources, you may just find what you’re looking for: a Ptera, a Horsea, or maybe even a Tentacruel.

Parc de la Villette is a favored spot for some of the rarest Pokemon. In July, hundreds of players embarked on a Gyarados hunt: however we don’t know yet whether the hunters were successful.

Hunters from all over the world are also flocking to the Champs de Mars, a long, pedestrian walkway. We can’t guarantee you’ll find many of the creatures there, but the beautiful scenery with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop are enough to justify going there.

Luxembourg garden

The Luxembourg garden is a favorite playground for Pokemon hunters

Pokemon also visit the tourist spots of Paris

Among the best places to find Pokemon, tourist areas are veritable game reserves. We’ll share some of our sources and tips with you.

Pikachu and friends are roaming in the neighborhood of the Louvre. Next time you go to the Louvre Museum (with an audio guide), take a walk through the streets in the area and meet new creatures.

The lively Châtelet/Les Halles area has also managed to attract Pokemon, drawn by all the hunters who frequent these streets in the heart of Paris every day. You may well find that rare one you’re looking for here!

To round off our selection of the best places in Paris to hunt for Pokemon, we invite you to discover Montmartre. One of the most touristy, picturesque areas in Paris with its Place du Tertre and numerous painters, this is an idyllic spot that even your virtual gaming friends find hard to resist. Make use of a guided tour of Montmartre to draw your smartphone!

PARISCityVISION will help you complete your Pokedex

Want to take a day to discover Paris while you play your favorite game? Our city tours in an open-top tour bus will take you to the different neighborhoods and tourist attractions so you can get around fast and, at the same time, see the finest Paris monuments. You can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like to explore a new neighborhood. A bus is scheduled to come by every 10 minutes.

We offer all Pokemon hunters a one-day Pass formula with unlimited stops so you can move around freely on the “Paris L’Opentour” open-top bus network.

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