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The 4-star hotel 1K arrives in Paris

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Andreas in

When you’re on holiday in Paris, you are never short of a place to stay. From the most classic hotel to the most quirky, from modern to trendy, to hotels where the rooms themselves are works of art, you are sure to find the hotel of your dreams!

The Machefert group has understood this and has decided to open its 24th establishment, the 1K Hotel, in the heart of the French capital. If you thought you’d seen everything in terms of originality, this hotel should really surprise you. Located in Paris on the Boulevard du Temple, the 4-star hotel will open its doors in September and will be a mix of Peruvian culture and contemporary design: an Inca-style ambiance will be created with a décor that will include Peruvian masks, gilding and patterns, colours that evoke the sun and the earth, and flickering lights. (1K is an abbreviation of the French pronunciation of ‘Inca’.) It should be a complete culture shock and not just because of the décor. Three unusual mascots will be taking up residence in the entrance hall: wild monitor lizards more than a foot long who will keep you company from inside a huge terrarium!

Those of a nervous disposition, fear not – there is no way they can escape! There’s no longer any need to go all the way to South America when this exotic hotel will plunge you into the heart of Peru as soon as you step through the door… And to complete this sunny picture, the young chef Julien Burbaud will be taking orders in the restaurant to rustle up exclusively Andean cuisine. It will be the kind of voyage for the senses that Paris does best!

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