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Top 3 patisseries in Paris

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Andreas in

Pictures of cake shops

After a savoury Top 3 and an alcohol Top 3, we have to give you a sweet Top 3! So because we are very generous, but especially because we have a fierce sweet tooth, we decided to rank the top three patisseries in Paris for you! But be warned: gluttony is a cardinal sin! Or maybe not 😉

1. Pierre Hermé

Let us begin at the beginning, with THE best patisserie in Paris: Pierre Hermé. There is a good chance you have already tasted his products without knowing it, for it is Mr Hermé who makes the most decadent and shocking macaroons in town (the foie gras version that is sold around Christmas time is a true delight). He offers an array of specialities. All sorts of tantalizing sweets vie for your attention in the shop window: ice creams, waffles, cakes, petits fours, sweet buns, chocolates… Along with the fleeting special collections which achieve a level of excellence that is rarely matched. We strongly encourage you to stop in at one of his seven shops in Paris!

Official Website : http://www.pierreherme.com

2. La Pâtisserie des Rêves

With a name like that, the “”Patisserie of Your Dreams”” best live up to expectations. And indeed it does. This boutique with a modern, high-design décor is famous thanks to its talented chef, Philipe Conticini. It offers an abundance of desserts to fill you with joy, but these are not just any sweets: Saint Honoré, Mille Feuille, Lemon Tart, Grand Cru, éclairs, Paris-Brest… Here you will find perfectly delicious interpretations of the classics. Our advice is to get there as fast as you can to admire the unique touch of a chef whose brilliance is felt in the taste and texture of his pastries. As for me, I will not wait for you to drop in one of his four shops in Paris!

Official Website : http://www.lapatisseriedesreves.com

3. Pain de Sucre

Pain de Sucre is the meeting of minds between two pastry chefs: Didier Mathray and Nathalie Robert. Their partnership resulted in this little shop in middle of Rue Rambuteau! The secret to their success? Colourful gourmet pastries with unexpected names like “”Baobab””, “”Krac Krac””, “”Bollywood”” and “”Jardin d’Hiver””. Plus high-end tarts, macaroons, jams, pralines and chocolates. They also serve up flavours that are each more surprising than the next: you can sample sweets enhanced with Espelette chilli, sesame, salted caramel, coconut or Caribbean chocolate. Make it a priority to discover this cosy destination that will win over even the most curious foodies!

Official Website : http://www.patisseriepaindesucre.com

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