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Women’s Football World Cup 2019: the 8th edition

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This year, the women’s football world cup will take place in France. The first match will be played at the Parc des Princes in Paris between the teams of France and of the Republic of South Korea.

History of the Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup is an international competition that takes place every four years. Organized by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football in English), it is the female equivalent of the highly celebrated Men’s World Cup. The very first edition of the women’s competition was held in China in 1991. For the first time, FIFA has decided to include women in the arbitration group.

Today, no less than 24 nations are gathered for four weeks for a fierce competition. In order to organize the different matches, 6 groups from 4 countries are drawn by lot. Each country faces all the other nations that are in the same group. To decide between them, a scoring system is set up: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 in case of a defeat. The two teams with the highest scores come out of the pool to make the final table.

The Cup record is held by the United States with three wins, followed by Germany and Norway. Fans are wondering whether the United States will retain their title as winners, or whether Germany will emerge as their first rival. The goals will follow one another and the suspense will reach its height on July 7, the date of the grand final.

France will host the 8th edition of the Women’s Football Cup

By decision of FIFA, the 8th edition of the Women’s World Cup will be held for the first time in France. The opening match will be played at the Parc des Princes in Paris, while the final and semi-finals will take place at the Lyon stadium in the Olympic Park. In France, 9 different stadiums will host the women’s competition from June 7 to July 7, 2019. Le Havre, Reims, Valenciennes, Rennes, Grenoble, Montpellier and Nice will receive the teams as well as Paris and Lyon. Each stadium was lucky enough to receive the women’s cup trophy in these venues before the start of the competition. It’s a real tour de France for the most coveted player’s prize. In this video, you will find the national tour of the nine host cities.

Winner of 2015, the United States will put their world championship title back into play this year by taking on Thailand. The French team will launch the first match of this world championship by facing the Republic of South Korea. The groups are composed as follows:

  • Group A: France, Nigeria, Norway, South Korea
  • Group B: Germany, Spain, China and South Africa
  • Group C: Italy, Brazil, Australia and Jamaica
  • Group D:  England, Scotland, Argentina and Japan
  • Group E: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and Cameroon
  • Group F: Sweden, United States, Chile and Thailand

As the country hosting the women’s competition, France has been automatically qualified. If the composition of the team has already been communicated, it will nevertheless be necessary to wait until May 27th for it to be approved by the federation. Not surprisingly, Corinne Diacre, coach of the French team, trusts her usual core. However, Marie Antoinette Katoto, the top scorer player in the French league this season, is absent. Emelyne Laurent will take her place as striker for this Cup.

Football fans have had the chance to see no less than 771 goals scored in nearly 30 years at the Women’s World Cup. The most beautiful goal was awarded to Mexican Monica Ocampo against England in 2011. Canada, during the seventh edition of the world football event, even broke audience records with 750 million viewers. This enthusiasm has made it possible to initiate a change in the perception of women’s football among the public. This year in France there are already 765,000 tickets sold within a month of the kick-off. It is in the hope of a victory that the public comes to support the blue team in this Women’s Football World Cup.

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